The (International) Home Theater Festival returns
Early May to Late June of 2014!!!

Here's how it works:
1.  Make a show in your house.
2.  Invite people.
3.  Keep all the money.

Read our angry, slightly socialist manifesto here.
Read why people love the HTF here.

All the shows this year so far.  Keep 'em rolling in, kittens.

Jacqueline van de Geer
Montreal, Canada
Fri 5/3, 7:30pm and 9:00pm
Sat 5/4, 7:30pm and 9pm
Sun 5/5, 7:30pm and 9pm
 For address:

This new piece from Jacqueline van de Geer invites you into the world of white magic.
You are cordially invited to explore the roots of old rituals in her coven and she will charm you with contemporary witch craft!
And even more important: together we will win over darker forces in this inter active and highly absurd HTS-performance!
“I love the freedom, the challenge to do a lot with less and the fact that you do not have to charge a crazy amount of bucks to your audience members:)”

Marc-André Casavant
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Sun 5/4, 4pm
Sun 5/11, 4pm
Sun 5/18, 4pm
Sun 5/25, 4pm
Sun 6/1, 4pm
Sun 6/8, 4pm
Sun 6/15, 4pm
Sun 6/22, 4pm
Sun 6/29, 4pm.
@My place
For address:
Show name : FRAGMENTS
Type : Spoken-Word Poetry/Performance/Laboratory
Language : French
Time : 30 minutes
Description : Autobiographical. Disturbing. Strange. Absence of define character : I'm trying to   be myself as much as I can in a show context. I have this feeling that life is like a puzzle and my mission here is to try to explain it artistically.
“Home Theatre was a wonderfull intense experience for me last year. I would like to share something new with the audience this time wich will be less eccentric and more minimalist.
Im rebelling against the fact that art most of the time should be present in cultural institutions to be considered and recognised by the population and the mass media. I think it's really important to make art more accessible and less snobbish.”

Vincent Langlois
Montréal, Canada
Thurs 5/1, 7:00pm
Fri 5/2, 7:00pm
Sat 5/3, 10a
Sun 5/4, 3pm and 7pm
@Vincent sans Solo 
For address:
It's simple. Four people decide for me what is it that I will perform at home. I chose four women and they will each create a solo of maximum 20 minutes featuring myself and probably my cats Garçon and Zoubib.
Sorry for my english! 
Original idea an concept: Vincent Langlois
Artistic direction: Laurence Fournier-Campeau
Director / choreographer: Sarah-Ève Grant, Marie Lefebvre, Émilie Sigouin and Tania Hernandez
Soloist: Vincent Langlois
C'est simple. Quatre personnes décident pour moi ce que je vais jouer à mon appartement. J'ai choisi quatre femmes qui doivent me créer chacune un solo de maximum 20 minutes incluant probablement mes chats Garçon et Zoubib. 
Désolé pour mon français!  
Idée original: Vincent Langlois
Direction artistique: Laurence Fournier-Campeau
Metteur en scène / chorégraphe: Sarah-Ève Grant, Marie Lefebvre, Émilie Sigouin et Tania Hernandez
Soliste: Vincent Langlois
“I love your concept because it's free in different way /sense. And people have to pay for seeing what artist can produce and create without the fear of money. Liberty and a taste of freshness. To show deeper in the cherche.”

London Bridgez
Dorchester, MA
Sat 5/3, 8pm
@Cat Scratch Theater
40 Stock Street, Dorchester, MA 02122
spoken word & solo theater performance
“I want my art to happen by any means necessary.”

Antonio Ortiz
Oakland (Temescal), USA
Sat 6/7, 8pm
@Fruition Theater
For address:
The Queen and The Dead - Oakland is at the beginning of a zombie apocalypse but our heroine drag queen and her partner are oblivious to the chaos outside of their HOA.  Their hippy roommate and lesbian neighbors are able to pack up and leave, but will our protagonists even make it out of the door?  Check out the show and see if they escape alive or become one of the living dead! 
“I love the intimacy of doing theater at home where the audience will be surrounded by the play!  It's a great way for the audience to step through the 4th wall and be right in the action.”

Chainsaw Jane
Oakland, CA
Thurs 5/8, 7PM
@Sissy’s Palace of Poise
2111 Curtis ST, Apt C, Oakland, CA 94607
$.99 (NOTAFLOF, donations accepted)

I'm turning my home into a nightclub for the evening to satisfy my narcissism and dreams of being a lounge singer. With the help of my piano, harmonium, and special guests, I will dazzle the audience with my soulful renditions of tunes written by myself, Hank Williams, Stevie Nicks, and Johnnie Ray, among others. Wine and cupcakes will be served.
“I love seeing performances in people's homes. Stripping away the fancy lights, the concessions, the ticket fees, and all the bullshit, the rawness and authenticity shine through and pack a wallop to my heart.”

Jennifer Marie Hoff
Oakland, CA USA
5/1 to 6/30
@Lake Merritt
The Invisible Dance Show will be taking place at Lake Merritt as a part of the Home Theater Festival
from May 1st- June 30th 2014.
Important note:
You may show up and not see any performers. Its still a show. If you can’t actually make it during that time, you can still attend, as its all invisible anyway. I just claim anything that may or may not be construed as dance within the parameters of Lake Merritt between the given dates to be "my artwork." If I don't see you, know that I missed you, & wanted to see you, & will look forward to seeing you next time.
“I love Home Theater Festival. I usually find myself rebelling against everything. Oops.”

Peter Max Lawrence

San Francisco, CA
Thurs 5/29, 8pm
@the Tornado
For address:

Whatever They Want III
Featuring Daniel Redman and Christine Bonansea Saulut and more...

Kyra Rice
Oakland, Ca
Tues 5/6, 7pm
@the merriewood bunker
This event is invite-only.
For info:
Kyra is turning 50!

Peter Max Lawrence
Lucas, Kansas
Sat 6/28, 7pm 
@The Tornado / Flying Pig Studio
rsvp @
Featuring Peter Max Lawrence and more…

San Francisco,CA
Sat 5/17, 7pm
This event is invite-only.  
The_Dinner_Party_Presents Laura_Onsale
"I love the HTF because it is easy.”

Antonio J. Bavaro
Montréal, Canada
Wed 5/14, 7pm-9pm
Thurs 5/15, 7pm-9pm
Sat 5/17, 2pm-4pm
Sat, 5/17, 7pm-9pm
Sun 5/18, 2pm-4pm
6482 blvd. St-Laurent
(literally the SW corner of Beaubien Ouest)
((above the Ferrari garage))
ARIA BAVARO: From Italy to Alberta to Québéc
Semi-non-fiction Monologues, dialogues & verbatim interviews of the author himself, his father, uncles, aunts & grandparents performed by close artist friends. 
Having begun writing this piece after the death of his nonna Veneranda, homesick Antonio tries to make sense of the connections between the southern Italian country village of his paternal ancestors, the Little Italy On the Prairies in Edmonton where the family took root & the Petite Italie Montréal home that the wandering seedling has just begun to understand. 
The piece takes place inside the author's dwelling as a spatial re-imagining of the family members' homes: past & present. Working in the shed with Zio Vincenzo, dancing in the living room with Zio Gerardo to 60's mod, playing cards in the office with Zio Carletto, cooking in the kitchen with Zia Angela-Rosa, listening to classic rock music on the couch with dad Bruno, folding & hanging laundry with Zia Rita, fixing stuff around the house with Nonno Antonio, and of course sing-a-long gardening with Nonna Veneranda. 
By witnessing & hopefully participating in the performers tasks as la famiglia Bavaro, the spectators will help Antonio J. re-experience his blood memories & piece together the fragments of this traditional, working class, immigrant family he longs to be at the dinner table with again.
“I love the Home Theater Festival because I love my home & love live art. We have hosted parties, cabaret & concerts in Villa BoLo; but I don't believe a piece of theatre has yet been performed here. I'm looking to explore the space & the conventions of the art-form with a script I've been dying to be brought to life. 
“I'm rebelling against everything I know about theatre & the arts. I'm rebelling against my own tendencies to keep my performances limited to bars, nightclubs, black boxes & community halls. I'm rebelling against my anxiety. I'm rebelling against all my contemporaries who seem to be so much more 'successful' than me. I'm rebelling against ennui.”

Joy Mariama Smith
Philadelphia, USA
Sat 6/13, 9pm
@Awesome Haus
For address:
Sliding scale $5- $10 (no one turned away due to lack of funds)

Let your freak flag fly! {your name here} collective brings you another installment of the home theater festival.
June 14th, 2014 at 9pm. Artists from everywhere you want to be will be on team SISSY BITCH. Artist will be performing for you their own analogies, or working from the SISSY BITCH theme. There will be a pop quiz at the end. 
Stem:                    SISSY:BITCH
Choices:        (a) lady:fag
                       (b) butch:queen
                       (c) candy:ass
                       (d) baby:boy
                       (e) homo:thug
Missed us last year? Check out what we did!

“I’m rebelling against dichotomies and binaries.”

Christine cricri Bellerose
Montreal, Canada
Thurs 5/8, 5:30p-7:30p
Fri 5/9, 7p-9p and 11p-12a
Sat 6/7, 7p-9p, 11p-12a
10 ave des Pins O. 3rd fl.
@La chambre à coucher / The Bedroom
"Dalidada -- a private evening getting tangled for the night." 
Dalidada is the alter ego embodied by Christine cricri Bellerose. She is at once a goddess of fertility and of the underworld. She knows if you live and your time of passing. An intimate bedroom play, the performance is a glimpse on the extraordinary life of an unreal being. The goddess is caught in an nonsense box, manipulating a 10""tall umbrella and fringes trapped and twisting in a 4""ceiling. While fractal lights, percussive wood beats and natural amplified sound escape from the box, the five fortunate gazers catch glimpse of glorious shapes and of lesser tribulation. The 12 minute-long play is a hybrid of burlesque-butoh-performative actions. The play runs in a loop, so line up for the most intimate live peep show of the city."
Show runs about 12 minutes, 5 people capacity. Runs in a loop during schedule.

"I just mailed-in my proposal to receive financing from the provincial government. I spend equal time typing away proposals, and playing outdoors in the snow with my alter ego, filming, and once a month on average, performing in a cabaret lineup. I have high hopes of bigger financing. But truth be, only intimate venues such as cabarets offer me the safe place to explore the limits of my performance art. My last performance I shaved my pubes live on the opera, ‘Le barber de Séville’. For all the gore stuff in visual arts I see, there is no way I can combine sensual, feminist, safe, daring, and domestic art in an institutional higher funding organization. For in-depth no-shame and raw performances, there's no place like home.”

Julie and Jeremy
Oakland, CA
Sat 5/10, 8pm
St 6/14, 8pm
@Sudo Room
2141 Broadway (enter on 22nd St) at 19th St BART
Oakland, CA
It’s half Johnny Carson, half Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, half Fresh Air, and all Oakland.
We’ve had talks with Oakland public school teachers; Star Trek: TNG re-enactments; call-in relationship advice; candidates for our District seat; music from giant see-saw violin; a live interview with an astrophysicist in the South Pole; and much much more!
Each show is filled with Oakland trivia, strange performances, giveaways from local businesses, spotlights on amazing non-profits - it is a microscope that looks in on all the little wonders across the Oakland Bay Area. Come see the show that all your friends are already at!
“Every talk-show host is a rebel, and usually in wild revolt against herself.”

Cameryn Moore
London, UK .
Fri 5/30, 9pm
Sat 5/31, 9pm
@The Travelling Den of Iniquity
£5-10 sliding scale
Truth and taboo collide in this intimate visit with a phone sex operator. Listen closely: she may change your views on sex forever.
**** Q&A after each show
**** snacks served, too
""incredibly brutal, piercing, and thought-provoking"" (ThreeWeeks, Edinburgh)
""by far the most intimate and insightful theatre experience you’re likely to have"" (
""a series of anecdotes that add up to a powerful whole... the play begins with wholehearted laughter but closes to stunned silence."" (FastForward, Calgary)
A slice-of-life comedy/drama, Phone Whore won the award for Best Female Solo show at the 2010 San Francisco Fringe Festival, Pick of the Fringe - Drama at the 2011 Victoria Fringe Festival, Critics' Choice at the 2013 Houston Fringe Festival, and it was an official selection of the 2012 Zoofest Festival in Montréal. The play invites audiences in for an unflinching look at taboo, fantasy, and the place of ""deviant"" desires in society today.
**** controversial sexual scenarios ****
"I have performed and will continue to perform my solo plays in traditional performance environments, but they all appear at their best in intimate environments, and Phone Whore in particular LOVES home settings. After all, the play is set at home, while I am on call. If you're hanging out on the sofa when I ""take a call"", you are getting right up into it with me.
I am rebelling against the notion that theatre only counts in a theatre, and I am rebelling against REALLY FUCKING EXPENSIVE theatre rentals, gah! This system is grievously slanted against people or projects with little or no money, and fuck that noise."

Billy Mullaney
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Sun 6/29, 7pm to ????
@Michal Kobialka National Theatre of Poland
[TBD] [i.e. wherever I'm living at the time]

"""Trochee"" is a dramatic text composed of every trochee in Shakespeare's complete works. 
This showing is the first full reading of the first draft. Feel free to come whenever, hang out, listen (or don't), leave whenever. There will be a meat and cheese tray. I'll be reading in the corner.
Reading starting at 7pm on the 29th and continuing until the piece is finished.
“I love HTF because the only person who should decide if my art is worthy of being produced is me. And Philip.”