The (International) Home Theater Festival returns
June-ish to July-ish of 2015

Here's how it works:

1.  Make a show in your house.
2.  Invite people.
3.  Keep all the money.

Read our angry, slightly socialist manifesto here.

Why do you love the HTF?  What are you rebelling against?

"Whenever people ask me how they can get involved in theater, or get their work produced the first thing I suggest to do a Home Theater Festival show. It's one of the most empowering experiences you can have as a theater artist: because there are no producers, no artistic directors watching your every choice, you can take risks and just have fun with the work."
Adam Sussman
Berkeley, CA

"I did this last year and I had a blast as well as my friends and it was a great way to make a show that is ready to be put in a suitcase and to be performed everywhere!  Most of all I could finally be a siren at 53 years old!"
Jacqueline van de Geer
Montreal, Canada

"The HTF is about an attention, an intentional choosing of the way we think about our circumstances... A declaration, a knowing that that there is enough and that we are so much more than enough. We are AWESOME!"
Kyra Rice
Oakland, CA

"It's still really important for me that professional art and artists stay accessible. I've always liked doing things differently. We could do shows everywhere. I'm rebelling against the fact that you have to be well-known to be considered as you deserved in the theater circle in Montreal."
Marc-André Casavant
Montreal, Canada

“I love to HTF because for some reason people have demanded a follow-up to my ‘show’ last year.”
Peter Max Lawrence
San Francisco, USA  

“I'm not really rebelling most of the time. Most of the time I am trying really hard to fit in, but I want to perform and I want to do so in my kitchen.”
Rae Maitland
Montreal, Canada

"I love the home theatre because sometimes love is hard to come by. I don't really rebel too much."
Benjamin Kamino
Montreal, Canada

"Well, to be honest, I don't want to be accused of employing the term ‘nervous breakdown’ frivolously, so I won't describe my psychological landscape as of March, 2012, when I came back from leading my little theatre company on a tour to Phoenix. So instead of using the term, I'll just give the facts. The trip culminated four and a half years of incessant theatrical activity, writing/directing or co-writing/directing six world-premiere shows in that time, and I was left totally broke, indebted, much aged, cruddy-looking, with horrible teeth, and unable to ride the BART due to seriously anxious feelings. (The show was chosen by the Phoenix New Times as #6 on a ten best list around two weeks ago, which was nice, but didn't really heal the damage. The festival, I won't mention the name, actually SPENT all our box office money and committed several other crazed displays of hopeless incompetence that have actually induced laughter in outsiders.) After nearly a year of healthful eating, meditation, high wine consumption, and mindful concentration on what I actually do well, which is writing plays, I have come to realize that what drove me batty was the process of producing work, and all the crap that goes under that label. Venue rental, scheduling, marketing, press releases, marketing emails, hiring and managing designers, grant applications, budgets, begging people for money, blah blah blah. In short, the institutionality. This stuff is really expensive and, for me, unpleasant. I've been inspired by the artists behind HTF since the beginning, admiring and envying the determination simply to do the work outside of any institutional setting, but I always told myself that performance is different from theatre, and that the art form I practice demands resources. While that may ultimately be true, inspired by Philip and all the others, I say: screw it. Let's see what we can do on our own before we grovel any further."
Martin Schwartz
San Francisco, CA

“We're sick of the division between performer and spectator. We're tired of the division between artistic disciplines. But most of all, we're sick and tired of having to leave our house to see a show!”
Helen Simard
Montreal, Canada

“Sustainable theater is the future!”
Jennifer Gwirtz  
San Francisco, CA, USA

“I love the Home Theater Festival because I think the idea of creating a show in your own home and inviting people to come see it is just beautiful. As artists we are part of a community and the Home Theater Festival celebrates that idea in a way I've never seen before. In putting this show together, I am rebelling against my own fears and insecurities when it comes to live performance. I was born a performer, but for many years I suppressed that part of myself. I am ready to break free.”
Tranna Wintour
Montreal, Canada

“Donkey years of theatre and theatrics conventions!”
Yemi Akintokun
Ibadan, Nigeria

“We're rebelling against the lack of female stories and opportunities in the media by producing a show featuring women and their interests. We love that the HTF makes theater accessible to artists and to members of the community.”
All Terrain Theater
Berkeley, CA

"I am rebelling against the following:
1. The same bougie white people getting funded to make mediocre art.
2. Being asked to work on projects because of my skin color or my tits.
3. Being rejected from venues because the art I make cannot be easily categorized.
4. Being called ""emerging""  one more time.
5. Being denied when I offer to assist in diversifying a performance venue, residency, or collective.
6. Fear and Doubt.
I love the Home Theater Festival because:
1. It's sexy
2. I can be and make whateverthefuckiwant, and feel empowered and supported.
3. It challenges the notion of ""venue"" ""Art"" and ""Artist"" like a rockstar.
4. It does not take away my Agency.
5. It's fucking RAD."
Joy Mariama Smith
Philadelphia, PA

"we love our show! we love other home theater impresarios! we love theater!
we're rebelling against quiet neighbors! we're rebelling against people having to pay for shit! we're rebelling against professionalism!"
Oakland Nights...Live!
Oakland, CA

“Who has the keys? Theater artists are simultaneously the laborers, the labor, and the means of production. Requiring shows to have institutions is like requiring birds to ride planes. Big, shitty planes that don't go where or when you want them to, only have room for so many birds, and pick stupid birds anyway. With stupid pilots.”
Billy Mullaney
Minneapolis, MN

“We rebel against the grain of traditionally staged contemporary dance, justifying the willful suspension of theatrical edifice. We make everything from scratch. By hand, foot, heart, soul, mouth and mind. We cultivate it for each other, strangers, neighbors, friends, those with inhibition and those without. We deliver fast, hard and heavy and we will see you under the table.”
Bianca Cabrera         
Oakland, CA

“Can we be intimate?! Can we be sincere?! Can we be radically honest?! Can we strip ourselves of this artifice and pretense?! Can we remember a time of dancing in streets and kitchens, singing in bars and bedrooms, when ceremony and ritual were woven into the fabric of things rather than relegated to obscure and commodified black boxes?”
Laurel Butler
Oakland, CA

“A theater festival focused on the home is the best idea. There's a non-theatrical history stored in the walls of our house, and all the ghosts that have lived here are part of this performance. If anything, we're rebelling against the idea that theater has to be done in a theater. Plus, where are you going to find a theater space that looks like an attic?”                                                  
Fifty Seven Hundred
Baltimore, MD

“The Home Theater Festival gave us the impulse to finally work together again. It is a unique opportunity that allows us to build our project from scratch, with no boundaries, except the one we choose on our own. It is very exciting to think we are part of this vibrant, bold event.”
Josianne Latreille and Emilie Morin
Montreal, Canada  

“we love direct art”
Evita Cortez
Dallas, Texas

“I live in the world between self-producing and courting arts presenters constantly. To say that it is exhausting would be kind. I’m willing to play the game of grants, fundraising and educational outreach but my true love is just about performing with no agenda. I like writing full length shows for traditional black box settings, but I get charged up about having a skeletal structure, some loose ideas about my characters but really no idea what the hell they are going to say until they start talking. I’ve been wanting to be a part of this for years but always had some deadline or other obligation in the way. It’s nice to be able to say ‘what the fuck, let’s just make this shit happen’ and see how it goes.”
Seth Lepore
Westhampton, MA

“The DFW art community is growing fast. Large scale development of Arts Districts in both Dallas and Ft. Worth, music festivals, gallery openings every Friday, video festivals, the Mayor of Dallas just declared an Art Week, etc... It is important to keep emerging artists in the conversation as the arts community develops. It is also important to showcase line-ups that would never be seen at commercial venues. The International Home Theater Festival provides the perfect platform to do just that. Throwing a show in your home allows for a mix of talents that audiences and gallery-goers will not be able to experience all together, anywhere else in the DFW Metroemess. We are the scene; let's develop this together.”
Lily Taylor           
Dallas Fort Worth, TX

“What a genius idea! I'm very excited to participate for the first time.”
Perra Pumps
Oakland, CA

“We love farting. But people don't fart in theaters, they fart at home. We love the Home Theater Festival because it allows us to invite folks into our lil Dutch Oven. Fuck theater. Viva Dutch Ovens!”                    
Naked Empire Bouffon Company
San Francisco, CA                                

“HTC is forever, HTC is infinite, HTC keeps it real.”
Jennifer Marie Hoff
Oakland, CA

“Selon Mandoline Hybride, le Home Theater Festival est à la fois un acte de volonté créative et un acte de résistance. C'est ce qui fait son charme.
According to Mandoline Hybride, the Home Theatre Festival is both a creative and a resistance act. That is why it is so compelling.”
Mandoline Hybride
Montreal, Canada

“We love the HTF because it gave us the impetus to create our own work together. We create this work less as an act of rebellion and more as a celebration of the omnipresence of art in our daily lives. ‘We believe we can do big things with no money.’”
Found Dance Theater                                   
San Francisco, CA

"I am rebelling against every promoter who wants me to tone down my performance. I am rebelling against every venue who charges too much for indie artists to host events or requires a 900 person draw to be considered a booking. Art must be set free and this MUST first happen in our homes to create a tribe of creative gladiators and champions."
Cat Scratch Theater
Boston (Dorchester), MA

“I’m rebelling against my own lack of motivation.  I’m standing in solidarity with all my brothers and sisters in the Home Theater Movement.  No one’s coming to save us.  We have to save ourselves.  I’m making a show, and the whole world’s invited.”
Philip Huang
Berkeley, CA

“We love the Home Theater Festival because we can do what we want, with who we want, and how we want it. We're rebelling against the social conventions of the theatre, the expectations of the audience member, what theatre is, and the people who are telling us what it should be. We are makers of art and friendship.”                                                
Alex Hovi and Erkki Paunonen
Tallahassee, FL

"We love home theater because we are showing the world that theater can be done anywhere, doesn't have to break the bank either"
Organic Monkey
Chicago, IL

“I am rebelling against gender-normative behavior”                        
Gerard Reyes featuring Bronzé
Montréal, Canada

“Bête Sauvage aime créer et encourager des actions hors de l’industrie actuelle du spectacle, par conviction d’autonomie et par rébellion anti-compétition.
Le Home Theater Festival permet des rencontres et des rassemblements dans un contexte empreint de véridicité.
Y participer, c’est appuyer l’audace du vrai et la critique du faux, du plaqué, de la superficie empruntée.”
Bête Sauvage
Montréal, Canada

“I love the Home Theater Festival because I love my home & love live art. We have hosted parties, cabaret & concerts in Villa BoLo; but I don't believe a piece of theatre has yet been performed here. I'm looking to explore the space & the conventions of the art-form with a script I've been dying to be brought to life.
“I'm rebelling against everything I know about theatre & the arts. I'm rebelling against my own tendencies to keep my performances limited to bars, nightclubs, black boxes & community halls. I'm rebelling against my anxiety. I'm rebelling against all my contemporaries who seem to be so much more 'successful' than me. I'm rebelling against ennui.”
Antonio Bavaro
Montréal, Canada

“I love the freedom, the challenge to do a lot with less and the fact that you do not have to charge a crazy amount of bucks to your audience members:)”
Jacqueline van de Geer
Montreal, Canada

“Home Theatre was a wonderfull intense experience for me last year. I would like to share something new with the audience this time wich will be less eccentric and more minimalist.
Im rebelling against the fact that art most of the time should be present in cultural institutions to be considered and recognised by the population and the mass media. I think it's really important to make art more accessible and less snobbish.”
Marc-André Casavant
Montréal, Québec, Canada

“I love your concept because it's free in different way /sense. And people have to pay for seeing what artist can produce and create without the fear of money. Liberty and a taste of freshness. To show deeper in the cherche.”
Vincent Langlois
Montréal, Canada

“I want my art to happen by any means necessary.”
London Bridgez
Dorchester, MA

“I love the intimacy of doing theater at home where the audience will be surrounded by the play!  It's a great way for the audience to step through the 4th wall and be right in the action.”
Antonio Ortiz
Oakland (Temescal), USA

“I love Home Theater Festival. I usually find myself rebelling against everything. Oops.”
Jennifer Marie Hoff
Oakland, CA USA

"I love the HTF because it is easy.”
San Francisco,CA

“I’m rebelling against dichotomies and binaries.”
Joy Mariama Smith
Philadelphia, USA

"I just mailed-in my proposal to receive financing from the provincial government. I spend equal time typing away proposals, and playing outdoors in the snow with my alter ego, filming, and once a month on average, performing in a cabaret lineup. I have high hopes of bigger financing. But truth be, only intimate venues such as cabarets offer me the safe place to explore the limits of my performance art. My last performance I shaved my pubes live on the opera, ‘Le barber de Séville’. For all the gore stuff in visual arts I see, there is no way I can combine sensual, feminist, safe, daring, and domestic art in an institutional higher funding organization. For in-depth no-shame and raw performances, there's no place like home.”
Christine cricri Bellerose
Montreal, Canada

"I have performed and will continue to perform my solo plays in traditional performance environments, but they all appear at their best in intimate environments, and Phone Whore in particular LOVES home settings. After all, the play is set at home, while I am on call. If you're hanging out on the sofa when I ""take a call"", you are getting right up into it with me.
I am rebelling against the notion that theatre only counts in a theatre, and I am rebelling against REALLY FUCKING EXPENSIVE theatre rentals, gah! This system is grievously slanted against people or projects with little or no money, and fuck that noise."
Cameryn Moore
London, UK

“I love HTF because the only person who should decide if my art is worthy of being produced is me. And Philip.”
Billy Mullaney
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

“When people think of a composer or an educator, they usually picture a white man or woman... I'm brown, trans, and fiercely interdependent. I don't listen the way most people do, so I don't compose in a way most musicians and producers recognize. I'm also happier than most of the people around me; these are related.”
Qian Li
Oakland, CA USA

“Cause you can't get a venue in Denton, TX to return an email or a phone call. What the hell is up with that?”
Lily Taylor 
Denton, Texas

“!Bureaucracy! Controle! Les Régles!”
Steve Turmel
Montréal, Québec, Canada

“Happy this is no commercialization. Anything goes.”
Margit Galanter
Oakland, CA

“i love the htf because i like sharing new experiences with a lot of people. Im rebelling against cancer.”
Jeremiah Trinidad
Denton, Texas