The (International) Home Theater Festival returns
Early May to Late June of 2014!!!

Here's how it works:
1.  Make a show in your house.
2.  Invite people.
3.  Keep all the money.

Read our angry, slightly socialist manifesto here.
Read why people love the HTF here.

All the shows this year so far.  Keep 'em rolling in, kittens.

Jacqueline van de Geer
Montreal, Canada
Fri 5/3, 7:30pm and 9:00pm
Sat 5/4, 7:30pm and 9pm
Sun 5/5, 7:30pm and 9pm
 For address:

This new piece from Jacqueline van de Geer invites you into the world of white magic.
You are cordially invited to explore the roots of old rituals in her coven and she will charm you with contemporary witch craft!
And even more important: together we will win over darker forces in this inter active and highly absurd HTS-performance!
“I love the freedom, the challenge to do a lot with less and the fact that you do not have to charge a crazy amount of bucks to your audience members:)”

Marc-André Casavant
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Sun 5/4, 3:30pm
Sun 5/11, 3:30pm
Sun 5/18, 2:30pm
Mon 5/18, 3:30pm
Sun 5/25, 3:30pm
Sun 6/1, 3:30pm
Sun 6/8, 3:30pm
Sun 6/15, 3:30pm
Sun 6/22, 3:30pm
@My place
For address:

Show name : FRAGMENTS
Type : Spoken-Word Poetry/Performance/Laboratory
Language : French
Time : 60 minutes
Description : Autobiographical. Disturbing. Strange. Absence of define character : I'm trying to   be myself as much as I can in a show context. I have this feeling that life is like a puzzle and my mission here is to try to explain it artistically.
“Home Theatre was a wonderfull intense experience for me last year. I would like to share something new with the audience this time wich will be less eccentric and more minimalist.
Im rebelling against the fact that art most of the time should be present in cultural institutions to be considered and recognised by the population and the mass media. I think it's really important to make art more accessible and less snobbish.”

Vincent Langlois
Montréal, Canada
Thurs 5/1, 7:00pm
Fri 5/2, 7:00pm
Sat 5/3, 10a
Sun 5/4, 3pm and 7pm
@Vincent sans Solo 
For address:
It's simple. Four people decide for me what is it that I will perform at home. I chose four women and they will each create a solo of maximum 20 minutes featuring myself and probably my cats Garçon and Zoubib.
Sorry for my english! 
Original idea an concept: Vincent Langlois
Artistic direction: Laurence Fournier-Campeau
Director / choreographer: Sarah-Ève Grant, Marie Lefebvre, Émilie Sigouin and Tania Hernandez
Soloist: Vincent Langlois
C'est simple. Quatre personnes décident pour moi ce que je vais jouer à mon appartement. J'ai choisi quatre femmes qui doivent me créer chacune un solo de maximum 20 minutes incluant probablement mes chats Garçon et Zoubib. 
Désolé pour mon français!  
Idée original: Vincent Langlois
Direction artistique: Laurence Fournier-Campeau
Metteur en scène / chorégraphe: Sarah-Ève Grant, Marie Lefebvre, Émilie Sigouin et Tania Hernandez
Soliste: Vincent Langlois
“I love your concept because it's free in different way /sense. And people have to pay for seeing what artist can produce and create without the fear of money. Liberty and a taste of freshness. To show deeper in the cherche.”

London Bridgez
Dorchester, MA
Sat 5/3, 8pm
@Cat Scratch Theater
40 Stock Street, Dorchester, MA 02122
spoken word & solo theater performance
“I want my art to happen by any means necessary.”

Antonio Ortiz
Oakland (Temescal), USA
Sat 6/7, 8pm
@Fruition Theater
For address:
The Queen and The Dead - Oakland is at the beginning of a zombie apocalypse but our heroine drag queen and her partner are oblivious to the chaos outside of their HOA.  Their hippy roommate and lesbian neighbors are able to pack up and leave, but will our protagonists even make it out of the door?  Check out the show and see if they escape alive or become one of the living dead! 
“I love the intimacy of doing theater at home where the audience will be surrounded by the play!  It's a great way for the audience to step through the 4th wall and be right in the action.”

Jennifer Marie Hoff
Oakland, CA USA
5/1 to 6/30
@Lake Merritt
The Invisible Dance Show is now taking place on the BART train and all of its stations. Anything that may or may not be construed as dance is a part of this dance show, so long as it takes place within theparameters of Bay Area Rapid Transit.
“I love Home Theater Festival. I usually find myself rebelling against everything. Oops.”

Peter Max Lawrence

San Francisco, CA
Thurs 5/29, 8pm
@the Tornado
For address:

Whatever They Want III
Featuring Daniel Redman and Christine Bonansea Saulut and more...

Kyra Rice
Oakland, Ca
Tues 5/6, 7pm
@the merriewood bunker
This event is invite-only.
For info:
Kyra is turning 50!

Peter Max Lawrence
Lucas, Kansas
Sat 6/28, 7pm 
@The Tornado / Flying Pig Studio
rsvp @
Featuring Peter Max Lawrence and more…

Joy Mariama Smith
Philadelphia, USA
Sat 6/13, 9pm
@Awesome Haus
For address:
Sliding scale $5- $10 (no one turned away due to lack of funds)

Let your freak flag fly! {your name here} collective brings you another installment of the home theater festival.
June 14th, 2014 at 9pm. Artists from everywhere you want to be will be on team SISSY BITCH. Artist will be performing for you their own analogies, or working from the SISSY BITCH theme. There will be a pop quiz at the end. 
Stem:                    SISSY:BITCH
Choices:        (a) lady:fag
                       (b) butch:queen
                       (c) candy:ass
                       (d) baby:boy
                       (e) homo:thug
Missed us last year? Check out what we did!

“I’m rebelling against dichotomies and binaries.”

Julie and Jeremy
Oakland, CA
Sat 5/10, 8pm
St 6/14, 8pm
@Sudo Room
2141 Broadway (enter on 22nd St) at 19th St BART
Oakland, CA
It’s half Johnny Carson, half Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, half Fresh Air, and all Oakland.
We’ve had talks with Oakland public school teachers; Star Trek: TNG re-enactments; call-in relationship advice; candidates for our District seat; music from giant see-saw violin; a live interview with an astrophysicist in the South Pole; and much much more!
Each show is filled with Oakland trivia, strange performances, giveaways from local businesses, spotlights on amazing non-profits - it is a microscope that looks in on all the little wonders across the Oakland Bay Area. Come see the show that all your friends are already at!
“Every talk-show host is a rebel, and usually in wild revolt against herself.”

Cameryn Moore
London, UK
Fri 5/30, 9pm
Sat 5/31, 9pm
@The Travelling Den of Iniquity
£5-10 sliding scale
Truth and taboo collide in this intimate visit with a phone sex operator. Listen closely: she may change your views on sex forever.
**** Q&A after each show
**** snacks served, too
""incredibly brutal, piercing, and thought-provoking"" (ThreeWeeks, Edinburgh)
""by far the most intimate and insightful theatre experience you’re likely to have"" (
""a series of anecdotes that add up to a powerful whole... the play begins with wholehearted laughter but closes to stunned silence."" (FastForward, Calgary)
A slice-of-life comedy/drama, Phone Whore won the award for Best Female Solo show at the 2010 San Francisco Fringe Festival, Pick of the Fringe - Drama at the 2011 Victoria Fringe Festival, Critics' Choice at the 2013 Houston Fringe Festival, and it was an official selection of the 2012 Zoofest Festival in Montréal. The play invites audiences in for an unflinching look at taboo, fantasy, and the place of ""deviant"" desires in society today.
**** controversial sexual scenarios ****
"I have performed and will continue to perform my solo plays in traditional performance environments, but they all appear at their best in intimate environments, and Phone Whore in particular LOVES home settings. After all, the play is set at home, while I am on call. If you're hanging out on the sofa when I ""take a call"", you are getting right up into it with me.
I am rebelling against the notion that theatre only counts in a theatre, and I am rebelling against REALLY FUCKING EXPENSIVE theatre rentals, gah! This system is grievously slanted against people or projects with little or no money, and fuck that noise."

Billy Mullaney
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Sun 6/29, 7pm to ????
@Michal Kobialka National Theatre of Poland
[TBD] [i.e. wherever I'm living at the time]

"""Trochee"" is a dramatic text composed of every trochee in Shakespeare's complete works. 
This showing is the first full reading of the first draft. Feel free to come whenever, hang out, listen (or don't), leave whenever. There will be a meat and cheese tray. I'll be reading in the corner.
Reading starting at 7pm on the 29th and continuing until the piece is finished.
“I love HTF because the only person who should decide if my art is worthy of being produced is me. And Philip.”

All Terrain Theater
Berkeley, CA
Fri 5/9th, 8p
Sat 5/10, 8p
Tues 5/13, 8p
Fri 5/16, 8p
Sat, 5/17, 8p
Sun, 5/18, 3p
All Terrain Theater @ Downward Dog
For address:

Join us for All Terrain Theater's third annual Women in Solodarity solo performance showcase! This year's theme of Digital Love reveals our ongoing and intense engagement with technology and how it integrates with our lives and relationships in humorous and powerful ways.
Each show features seven fabulous short solo performances and monologues written and performed by women. Last year's uber-popular "Cat Ladies" showcase sold out every performance, including extensions, so get your tickets now!
"Google and the Girl" by Elizabeth Flanagan, performed by Melissa Keith
"What Google Thinks is Possible" by Megan Cohen, performed by Miyoko Sakatani
"A Friend Request" by Chris Quintos, performed by Jamie Lee Currier
"Karategirl99" by Victoria Chong Der, performed by Jamie Lee Currier
"My Little Big Brother" written and performed by Sophia Naylor
"rePATRIATion" written and performed by Allene Hebert
"Technical Difficulties" by Chelsey Little, performed by Melissa Keith
"Women in Solodarity is All Terrain Theater's annual showcase of solo performances by women. The showcase was developed in 2012 as an attempt to challenge the lack of representation of female voices and characters in theatrical productions. Women in Solodarity provides Bay Area women with the opportunity to experiment with solo storytelling, monologues, and solo performances featuring multiple characters all played by the same actor.
"We are producing this show in association with the International Home Theater Festival and all performances will be held at the Downward Dog, a private residence in Central Berkeley (please note that there are pets on the premises for guests who have severe allergies). The address to the venue will be emailed to ticket buyers once their purchase has been made."

Qian Li
Oakland, CA USA
Sat 5/24, 2p biscuits & tea & tour, 3p show
@Intersection fo Trash
52 Hamilton Pl. near Lake Merritt Whole Foods
America is described by junk traders as the Saudi Arabia of trash. To Qian, most sound is treated as trash -- unintentional, devalued, hidden from view. In this show, participants will explore trash music for the treasures they contain with classically trained, BDSM- and meditation-experienced composer Qian Li. Recommended for people experiencing creative block.
It's a double feature with Sally Louise Polk, violin enchantress playing with music and shadows to create a performance piece that explores sanity and mental health. She also rocks jewelery using found objects including bike inner tubes and curb junk. Listen to her at:
"I. I love Philip.
“2. When people think of a composer or an educator, they usually picture a white man or woman... I'm brown, trans, and fiercely interdependent. I don't listen the way most people do, so I don't compose in a way most musicians and producers recognize. I'm also happier than most of the people around me; these are related.”

Lily Taylor 
Denton, Texas
Sat 5/3, doors at 8p, show at 9p
Look for the red lights on Moncayo Dr 76209, or email[at] for exact address
$1-5 for touring acts 
Femoral - New band of shredders from Austin, TX with sounds ranging from mathcore to black metal. the energy is UPPPPPPPPP and you will FEEL IT. Members of Yatagarasu and Cheap Skins
with local support from:
Orgullo Primitivo - Primal as fuck, drums and vox from Stefan Gonzalez (Yells At Eels, Akolyte, Unconscious Collective)
Deflowered Electric Flesh Bride - Experimental electronic project from Aaron Gonzalez (Yells At Eels, Akolyte, Unconscious Collective). Psych-warping.
Ulnae - Tripped out zoned out experimental electronic duo of Lily Taylor and Darcy Neal. Fabric of time and space manipulation. Featuring Sean Miller.
“Cause you can't get a venue in Denton, TX to return an email or a phone call. What the hell is up with that?”

Steve Turmel
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Sat 5/17, 8:30p
Sun 5/18, 8:30p
@HoMo’s à HoMa
Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Montréal, Québec
For address: 
Donation - 'Pay What You Can'
Venez rejoindre Nico dans une rencontre aléatoire dans une ruelle du Village Gai de Montréal en 2014. 
Samedi, le 17 mai, 2014, 20:30 (La Journée International Contre l'Homophobie) et Dimanche, le 18 mai, 2014, 20:30.
DAVID a été dans les 'Top 5' des pièces selon le sondage publique du Montreal Mirror de 2007. 
DAVID a été récipiendaire de 3 Cornes d'Abondance à La Récolte en 2006 incluant : la meilleure mise en scène, meilleure spectacle solo, et de la meilleure campagne de promotion.
Avant-première* présentée en français dans le cadre du 'Home Theatre Festival' à HoMa; c'est aussi durant la fin semaine de la Journée Contre l'Homophonie, 17-18 mai, 2014. Produite par le collectif Le Théâtre Ma Muse. Comédie dramatique solo – multidisciplinaire - multimédia.
Nico ne le sait pas encore, mais c’est à travers de son vendredi soir qu’il découvrira son avenir en passant par son passé et son présent.
Un spectacle mettant en scène le personnage de Nico qui via différents thèmes nous dévoilera un jeune homme légèrement blasé mais fort sympathique qui tentera de se comprendre lui-même et son environnement. Dans cette création, il raconte son aventure sexuelle dans une ruelle avec un homme appelé David.
DAVID est une prestation solo - multidisciplinaire - multimédia avec : vidéo, projection, musique, mouvement, monologue, sur le sexe. Mais pas seulement le sexe comme dans: qui en a et avec qui. Le sexe comme dans: qu'est-ce que le sexe? Que signifie-t-il? Pourquoi en avons-nous? Sexe comme dans désir. Sexe comme amour. Sexe comme pouvoir. Sexe comme estime de soi. Sexe comme auto-destruction. Sexe comme statut. Sexe comme échec.
Composition et style, personnage et thème bien developpés, créant ensemble une voix puissante et un message dramatique. Originalement inspirée du travail de Marie Brassard et autres artistes de théâtre contemporain, la production oublie les accessoires et décor traditionnels, préférant utiliser projection d'art vidéo et musique pour donner contexte et texture à l'histoire qui se déroule sur scène. 
La collaboration originale de Joseph Bembridge et Bryn Symonds a joué à guichets fermés durant La Récolte : Le Festival de Théâtre LGBT de Montréal* en 2006 au Téâtre Staint-Catherine ou elle a été remontée en avril 2007 et encore au Toronto Fringe en 2008 par Stewart Productions. *En nomination pour 6 prix Cornes d'Abondance à La Récolte #3 incluant : meilleure production, meilleur acteur principal, meilleur spectacle solo, meilleur texte original, elle a été récipiendaire de 3, la meilleure mise en scène, meilleure spectacle solo, et de la meilleure campagne de promotion. Elle était aussi dans le 'Top 5' des pièces selon le sondage public de 2007 du Montreal Mirror.
Produite par le collectif Le Théâtre Ma Muse. Traduction et l'adaptation en français de la version originale anglaise du même titre, de Davyn Ryall et Steve Turmel; mise en scène du projet Davyn Ryall; montage et mise des scènes vidéo de Steve Turmel; Vidéographie de Steve Turmel et Nathaniel Villanueva; Chorégraphie et 'coaching movement' de Jacqueline Van de Geer; Musique originale spéciale de Breck Alec Stewart; Photographie et dessine graphique promotionnel et artistique de Nathaniel Villanueva; Mettant en vedette sur scène Steve Turmel dans le rôle pincipale de Nico. Présentée en français. Durée de 45 min. Avis: Recommandée aux 16 ans et plus ; nudité partielle, contenu adulte de nature sexuelle. 
Liens au vidéo promo:
*Page d'événement au Fringe Montréal sur facebook

“!Bureaucracy! Controle! Les Régles!”

Margit Galanter
Oakland, CA
Thurs 5/15, 5:30p to 7:30p
BUSHROD PARK, 59th Street between Racine and Shattuck.  You can enter from many sides; it's a park. 
For info:
This Relay Encounter will offer an opportunity for anyone to join in a group walking/strolling experiment. We will gather and meet, get oriented to the Relay Project, store any excess stuff in a car, and walk around the neighborhood, for approximately one hour en masse. We will end with a brief mapping of our time together.
This is part of a series of events for Relay, a dance poetry project inspired by three years of research in movement, language and landscape; Concordance, a visual poem by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge and Kiki Smith; as well as 25 walks taken last summer, including one with the lovely Philip Huang! For more info about Relay, check it out here:

“Happy this is no commercialization. Anything goes.”

Jeremiah Trinidad
Denton, Texas
Sun 5/18, 10p
@Theater of Sweat
2212 Denison street
A showcase of Texas' new and buzzworthy artists in both music and theater meet one night only in Denton Texas. We run the gamut of psychedelics and improvised noise to more improvised soundscapes.
“i love the htf because i like sharing new experiences with a lot of people. Im rebelling against cancer.”

Jack Davis and TT Baum
San Francisco, CA
Fri 5/30, 8p-10p
Sat 5/31, 4p-6p
@352 Waller St., San Francisco, CA
$10-$25 sliding at door
(Fashion As Entertainment) 
Two installments of new collaborative work. 
Jack Davis presents three new collections of skirts inspired by and incorporating visual and physical ephemera from past performances, personal ritual and radical faerie history. 
TTBaum collaborates in a live body-paint layering performance piece, picking up patterns and textures to simultaneously accentuate and camouflage the bodies of the skirt models. 
Friday May 30th 8-10PM/Saturday, May 31st 4-6PM
Tickets $10-$25 sliding scale.
RSVP here 
Pay at the door

The Chicago Home Theater Festival
Chicago, IL
$10 online/ $15 at the door
To see the full-line up of neighborhoods, hosts, and artists, visit us at 
CHTF 2014 features 20 home-sites and over 100 artists including original, site-responsive work created specifically for the homes and neighborhoods in which they were conceived. The festival explores the private domain as public forum for risk-taking, radical generosity and interdisciplinary collaboration. 100% of the proceeds directly benefit the hosts and artists involved.
In order to welcome visitors to new neighborhoods, volunteer tour guides will meet audience members at CTA stops near participating homes and introduce them to the history, culture and personal stories of their communities. May 1 / North Center
May 2 / Wicker Park
May 3 / Grand Crossing
May 4 / Humbolt Park (4PM)
May 8 / Lakeview
May 9 / Bronzeville
May 10 / South Shore
May 11 / Bridgeport
May 15 / Uptown
May 16 / West Loop
May 17 / Hyde Park
May 18 / Avondale (2PM)
May 19 / Kenwood
May 21 / Hyde Park
May 22 / Logan Square
May 23 / Rogers Park
May 24 / Pilsen
May 25 / South Loop (Closing party!)
Produced, organized and developed by socially-engaged artist Irina Zadov, performing artist/curator Blake Russell, and director Laley Lippard, the curatorial process privileges underrepresented artists working in nontraditional media; catalytic hosts at the crossroads of art, activism, and scholarship; and neighborhoods whose creative capital and community capacity are overlooked.
“We love that Home Theater Festivals encourage people from all walks of life to cross-pollinate, especially in our hyper segregated city. We are rebelling against the physical borers an imagined boundaries that people place on themselves and their communities.”

Seth Lepore
Easthampton, MA
Fri 5/2, Easthampton, MA
Thurs 5/8, Northampton, MA
Fri 5/16, Florence, MA
@Various Living Rooms throughout New England 
Invite only
Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names
Measuring Success One Failure at a Time.
Lepore ups the ante on interactive solo theater by taking suggestions from his audience members on index cards. Lepore challenges his audience to see if success and failure are merely outdated concepts or very real measurements of what it means to be human. Most people walk away in disbelief, wondering how the show could be completely unscripted. Watch as absurdity and sincerity high five!
“I tour performing arts centers. I tour black boxes. I get hired. I produce. I co-produce. I'm tired.

“HTF is a great way of stripping it all down to the essentials. A performer, an audience and magic.”

Tessa Wills 
San Francisco USA
Sat 5/17, 11a-1p
@Bernal Cottage
For address:
Lets lie together in my house and listen to Steve Reich's '18 musicians'. In bondage. 
Ill offer some breathing exercises, and there will be saran wrap and blindfolds and a bit of rope available. Feel free to bring your own bondage stuff. Also bring cushions/blankets to lie on. I have some; but first come first served.
The piece of music is 56 minutes long. 
Someone will be watching the whole time, so you can go to full immobilization if you like, and know someone has your back if you need anything.
Take all this time to just let your mind unwind through this music. Heres a version of 18 musicians.
Afterwards we can eat grapes, drink water, have tea, feel about how we think about how we feel about this sensory trip.

“I am not rebelling i am joining in.”

Lily Taylor
Denton, Texas
Fri 5/9, 8p-9p, party till 2a
Look for the Red Lights on Moncayo Dr 76209
For address:
Our chapter in Denton is coming to a close. We are hosting our fourth year of festival shows. We hope to continue this tradition, so that future creative communities may come to fruition. Please share this link far and wide: in an effort to spread the word of a movement which can not be denied. Host your own show, or just enjoy ours. This Friday May 9th 8pm-2am, we celebrate the hours. Bring earplugs.
Video art by
Sean Miller
Bradley Franklin Santulli
FB Event Page:

"You are the scene. Make it happen.”

Bête Sauvage, Montréal, Québec
No, people must email me to get my address. 0 $ 24 mai, trois départs, 18h - 18h45 - 19h30.
@Les Salons de L’est
For address:
Les Salons de l'Est consiste en un parcours de spectacles intimistes dans le salon des artistes d'Hochelaga. D'un appartement à un autre, en marchant dans les ruelles, on découvrira Hochelaga, de l'est vers l'ouest avec ses cordes à linges et ses cours arrières. On y verra les photos de l'un, on y entendra l'univers sonore de l'autre, en passant par le salon ou parfois par le perron de danseurs, de musiciens, d’artistes visuels et de performeurs.
"Bête Sauvage aime créer et encourager des actions hors de l’industrie actuelle du spectacle, par conviction d’autonomie et par rébellion anti-compétition. Elle considère que le Home Theater Festival permet des rencontres et des rassemblements dans un contexte empreint de véridicité.

Y participer, c’est donc appuyer l’audace du vrai et la critique du faux, du plaqué."

Les Carcasses
Montréal, Poneyland
Sat 6/28, 8pm
@Poney House
For address:
Contribution volontaire, 5$ suggéré
Les Carcasses c'est : 
Un trio et des triangles. Des corps à géométrie variable, à volonté, à 3 ou à milles faces. 
Des dessins, des triangles comme des écailles. Mais il y a du mouvement sous les épines.
Le trio se meut, ça devient doux et tendre cette affaire là. 
Les carcasses c'est une géomètre en chef  avec le crayon à fleur de peau (Kim-Sanh Chau), et deux cartons à dessins en forme d'humains (Vincent-Nicolas Provencher et Maud Llorente). 
Ça swingue le compas dans l’œil tout ça. Des Carcasses on vous dit.
Et si t'amènes la tienne on t'offre même l'apéro. Tu viendras.

“We love home theater festival because we are not a company, we are not in the "network". But we have things to show and we don't need theaters for it.”